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Unlike remote control garage doors, a roll up garage door are rolled upward when they are opened. These can be great for making your garage door convenience for anyone to access.

But what do you do when your roll up garage door needs repairs? Call Emergency Garage Door Service Houston TX, your rolling garage door specialist. We service all of Houston, Texas and take pride in being the number one service provider of residential roll up garage doors.

An insulated garage door adds something extra to your garage. In the winter time, insulated garages help block out the cold and wind chill, while in the summer it can cool down a hot garage. Our technicians at Emergency Garage Door Service are knowledgeable and trained in making your garage a pleasant room.

Repair roll up
Should you do a lot of work in your garage or you just want the extra comfort, we will insulate your garage for you.

Rolling garage doors are great for businesses and store fronts. A rolling garage door can add extra security to block out thieves and intruders.

Emergency Garage Door Service Houston TX knows exactly how to install a rolling garage door for your business. You can call customer service specialist to discuss if having a rolling garage door is the right option for your business.

Garage Door Repair Roll Up

Our technicians know every make and model of commercial and residential roll up garage doors. We can come out to your home or business and assess which door would be best for you. Should you need to repair your roll up garage we have you covered too. Call one of our customer service specialists today to have a technician come and install a roll up garage door for you.

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